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2017-18 TVFR Grand Prix Race Series Standings - Men


Note: These standings are preliminary, pending the discovery of additional finishers or other scoring discrepancies.  They will be certified by the Grand Prix Director at the end of the season.  Please report any suspected errors to the Webmaster.  Scoring rules.

For each runner, the monthly Score and season-to-date Total are shown in bold.  To view the results for a specific race, click on the race number in the header under the month.

Mark Capparella54131313014140131301414
Stephen Sullivan50111111013131201214014
Ross Anderson45127120111190913013
John Brown44015150151514014000
Ross Mungeam44140141501515015000
Anthony Landry34012120101000001212
Doug Usher330661401400001313
Thribuvan Parupalli320550550101012012
Keith Neal300000000151501515
Mike Nixon2505513513000077
Cleber Pereira2300008850501010
Jason Gray22055099808000
Steven Pohnert2100000001212099
Henning Smith2105500050501111
Rich Victor200101000010010000
Luke Legendre18099000909000
Neal Weinberg1600005501111000
Trevor Mungeam1515015000000000
Mike Sawyer1500000000015015
Joey Turenne15088000707000
Martin Nackman1401414000000000
Tim Hoff1400000001414000
Philip Crocker1300000013013000
David Benoit1200001212000000
Matthew O'Connell12000077505000
Harold Jarvis1100000011011000
Leo Trottier11055000606000
Braden Mungeam1010010000000000
John Parker10055000505000
Michael Triber10055000505000
Nicholas Antkowiak10055000505000
Michael Brennan10055000505000
Lincoln Merrihew10055055000000
Jon Martley9909000000000
Todd Keiller8000088000000
Tom Sirard8000000000088
Andrew Barron6000000000066
Steven Aubut6000066000000
Tim Greenan5000000505000
Jeff Hattem5055000000000
Henry Lane5055000000000
Edward Ludwigson5055000000000
Mike McMullin5000000505000
Paul Shanahan5055000000000
Ron Walker5055000000000
Brad Waterson5055000000000
Scott Motyka5000000505000
Braedon Motyka5000000505000
Scott Young5055000000000
Scott Sherman5055000000000
Bradley Curving5000000505000
Michael Ronan5000000505000
Paul Barrows5000000505000
Kevin Lemire5000000505000
Scott Darling5000000505000
Kevin Murphy5000000505000
Finn Reilly5000000505000
Mike Dolan5000055000000