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TVFR Meeting Minutes - July 6, 2017

Meeting Attendees: Mary Tyler, Ted Tyler, John Parker, Phil Crocker, Jill Duhaime, Gary Atlas, Mike McMullin, Stephen Sullivan, Steve Pohnert, Ross Anderson, Robyn Bratica, Dawn Palladini, Laurie Turenne, Kerrie McFeeters, Chris Kivior, Amanda Ashley, Mark Capparella.

General Comments: (Chris) Thank you to Mike McMullin and the volunteers of the June Woodland Trail Race.  It was a great success.  Chris talked to racers and volunteers and everything went smoothly.  It was a great evening for a race and a highly competitive field.  Thanks also to the team of BAA volunteers who went to Boston for the 10K.  Check out "Level Renner" on line and in print for a club spotlight that Mark and a few of the other officers worked on.

Strategic Planning: (Chris) Chris would like to put together a team that would meet quarterly and lay forth a 5-year rolling plan/vision for the club.  He feels this would be conducive to making the club grow and also making our events and programs better.  Also would like to start tracking and creating a blue print/guide for each of the races with all the details that go into race planning.  If interested in joining, shoot Chris an email.

Woodland Trail Races: (Mike M) Getting the medals done is a chore, so having Stephen Sullivan handle that was a blessing.  We had 112 running, which was a record high.  If you know someone is running or volunteering at the next race, please carpool.  If volunteers park beyond the bridge so people entering later can get up to the race start, that will be helpful as well.  We just want to make sure we have enough parking spots for everyone.  Joanna and Paul knocked it out of the park with their volunteer spot!  We are close to capacity for the July race, and again there will be no day-of registration.

Track: (Chris) Going great, with between 25-30 people per week.  The Wednesday before the trail race, which is usually a lightly attended session, 30 people showed up for guest coaches Mark and Tom Ronan.  Last night there was an Indian Run, and it was great.

Pond Runs: (Chris) Informal, unstructured runs with between 10-12 people attending.  Lots of different pace groups and usually a group that stays on the streets as well.

Track Kids: (Kerrie) Coleen was very organized, and each week runs smoothly.  50 kids attended the 1st session, and it was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, due to thunder and lightning the 2nd session was canceled.  It will resume July 11th, ending with the mini meet and ice cream truck on the 18th.

Rail Trail Runs: (Mark) Last 2 weeks and next 2 weeks it will be light due to Track Kids.  Otherwise a good group of runners going various distances are participating.  It is alternating between Holliston and Milford, with both being well attended.

Membership Report: (Mark) Membership continues to grow.  A concern for June and July has been families that we might lose who just signed up for Track Kids last year.  We had about 20 new members for track kids last year, and about 30 new members this year.  3 families didn't rejoin in June and we will know more after July, but despite cancellations, even more new members joined, bringing us to yet another record high!

We have 18 new members! Please welcome Amy McNamara of Bellingham, Ranga Parvataneni of Shrewsbury, Elizabeth Burgos of Milford, Karen Demeritt of Northbridge, Corinne Gustafson of Berlin, Lincoln Merrihew of Southborough, Joe Prestes of North Grafton, Matthew, Brian and Jason O'Connell and Zachary and Cameran Huestis of Upton, and Michelle Roy and Robert Kenefick of Hopkinton.

There were 7 renewals in 5 families this month.  This brings us up to 458 members (13 honorary) in 239 families, another all-time high!

Treasury Report: (Chris for Mike) The bank is in good shape.  There is $1,840 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship Fund, and $440 in the Martin Auty fund.

Incentive Reimbursement: (Chris for Mike) $175 was used in quarter 2.  Quarter 3 is now open.

USATF Relay Championship: (Mark) On July 22nd at 4 PM at Wellesley College there will be several relay race options.  The registration deadline is July 18th.  There will be a 4x100 youth race and open, masters 4x400, 4x800, and 4x1600.  You need to be a USATF member by the registration deadline.  It is $5 per kids team and $20 per adult team.

Club Screening: "Boston - The Movie": (Mark) Approached by Tom Derderian leader of Greater Boston Track Club and Executive producer for this documentary about the Boston Marathon.  We can sign up for a screening at a local theater (Regal Cinemas in Bellingham or Westboro, Blackstone Valley Cinemas in Millbury) and if a minimum number of people buy tickets, we can make it happen.  Cost would be $11 per ticket.

Party Time: Cheryl Asselin will be having a joint event between Greater Framingham and TVFR at her home in Hopkinton on the evening of July 29th.

TVFR Grand Prix Races
Hot to Trot 5K on July 29th in Upton
Yankee Homecoming 10 Miler on August 1st in Newburyport
Woodland Trail 5 Miler on August 31st in Uxbridge

USATF Grand Prix Race
Downtown 5K on September 17th in Providence

Woodland Trail 5 Miler in Uxbridge
7/27/17, and 8/31/17

Volunteer Opportunities
Woodland Trail Series 5 Miler 7/27/17 and 8/31/17

The meeting concluded with Road Tales!