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TVFR Meeting Minutes - October 5, 2017

Meeting Attendees: Chris Kivior, Mike Nixon, Mike McMullin, Kerrie McFeeters, Laurie Turenne, Joanna Lacman, John McCue, Gary Atlas, Caroline Vanbruinswaardt, John Parker, Stephen Pohnert, Patrick McEnaney, Ross Anderson, Robyn Bratica, Jill Duhaime, Terri Powell, Matt Kellogg, Stephen Sullivan, Ted Tyler, Mary Tyler, Amanda Ashley, Mark Capparella, Ray Lussier

General Comments: (Chris) Thanks again to Mark Capparella for organizing an enjoyable evening at Boston the Movie.  60+ people attended representing TVFR as well as Hopkinton Running Club, Colonial Road Runners, and Greater Framingham Running Club.

Larry Olsen Race Recap: (Chris) The 8th annual running went very smoothly, and the rain held off making it great running weather.  The day prior, rain was predicted for the morning which scared away a lot of day of registrations.  There were 20 no shows of the 101 runners who pre-registered.  The extra $400 in sponsorships made up for the 20 less runners this year.  Shirts were the number 1 expenditure with the police detail being a close second.  There was some concern raised about Freedom Street being open at one end.  Hopefully we can get the price down on the police detail so that there is still a net profit for the scholarship fund, and get 2 or 3 officers next year.  Again discussed was the Greenway Challenge being the same day.  There is always going to be conflicts relative to other races.  The race was moved from August to September to make it cooler.  The 1st Saturday is usually Labor Day weekend, the 2nd is Hopedale's Day in the Park, and the 3rd is the Milford Special Olympics 5K.  Police detail doubles on Sundays, so that is not an option.

Thank you to the volunteers for everything you do. The race does not happen without the volunteers!  Thank you Gary, who couldn't attend and time, but who managed the Active page, got the bibs done, and got the sponsors on the bib.  Mike McMullin was there on race day ready to time, and using Webscorer which went well.  Thanks also to Mark Capparella for certifying the course and Joe Hamm who dropped off the race equipment the morning of the race.

Dam Cure Update: (Mike M) It was the best year financially.  91 pre-registered and just over 100 ran.  There was a small oversight where the course was not roped off properly causing a few lead runners to take the wrong turn.  Other then that the race was a success with a great turnout, great sponsorship, and great volunteers!  We will have a sizable donation for the Faustman Lab to Cure Type 1 Diabetes.

Pond Runs: (Robyn) Started to peter off as daylight waned, but did very well over the summer and they were a draw to members who became more active through them.

Track Recap: (Chris) Ended with a mile time trial and a night out at the Rose Garden.  Really successful season, saw a lot of new members trying TVFR out for the first time and then joining.  Unofficial track runs will continue on Wednesday nights around 5:30 at Bellingham, followed by Rock and Coal for Trivia so watch Facebook for those announcements.

Rail Trail: (Mark) It was decided to put the sign-up back up as the runs usually continue with headlamps, and sometimes even with snowshoe runs through the winter.  There isn't an official host, so not always a guarantee, but either Ross, Terri, or Caroline will try to always be there.

Soup Group: (Caroline) One of most successful activities is back November 5th at the Phillips home!  5 people expressed interest, in hosting however 1 preferred to be an alternate so it worked out perfectly.  The schedule will be: Phillips home in Uxbridge week 1, Cheryl Asselin in Hopkinton week 2, Amanda Connor in Medway week 3, Caroline Van Bruinswaardt in Bellingham week 4, and Joanna Lacman in Franklin is the alternate, and will definitely be hosting 12/31/17.

Boston Participation Points: (Kerrie) We finalized most of the Participation Points and they will be posted on the website shortly.  Up for further discussion is the number of points for race directors, number of points for Track Kids coaches, what qualifies as a USATF race, and whether or not running a USATF race should earn you more points due to more extensive travel.

BTU: (Matt) Just checking in.  We will be engaging with Race Wire again.  Waiting for the official word that it will actually be a USATF Grand Prix race before going forward with the very expensive timing contract.  Matt will check back in at the December Meeting.

Banquet: (Joanna) There will be no meeting next month, instead we will be celebrating on Thursday November 2nd at the Annual Banquet!  We have a lot of door prizes already including PR Running, Miles to Go Sports, Dick's Sporting Goods, 2 Toms' products, Hylands, McDonalds, and YMCA in Franklin.  Remember to contact Joanna if you have any other ideas for door prizes.  We will be enforcing the rule that you need to still be there to win a door prize.  Sign-up went live today and the invitation will go out this weekend.  Please RSVP so we know how much food to order.

Brew Run: (Gary) It's still on for Sunday October 8th at Barleycorn's. There will be a 5K, 5 mile, 7 mile, and 10 mile run option.  Likely only brewing 1 kettle because of the small group that is attending.  If you can't make Sunday's run, you can still sign up for a case of beer, and/or the bottle run November 5th.

Santa Parade: Dan will again be directing this fun 2 mile run which opens up the Milford Santa Parade.  Date to be determined, and we will open up registration around the time of the banquet.

Treasury Report: (Mike N) At the end of the year, at the time of elections, Mike will be stepping down as treasurer.  He has worked very hard these past 5 years, however work and family obligations are taking up a lot of his time.  If you are interested in this position beginning in 2018, you can start talking to him about what the job entails.

The bank is in good shape.  There is $1,900 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship Fund and $440 in the Martin Auty Fund.

Race Reimbursement: (Mike N) $190/$250 was used in Quarter 3.  Quarter 4 opens October 1st.

Membership Report: (Mark) We gained 5 new members in 2 families this month, but we lost 9 members in 4 families. Please welcome: Linda Lindsey of Medway and Mike, Maura, Andrew and Thomas Dolan of Milford.

We now have 440 members (14 honorary) in 235 families.

TVFR Grand Prix Races
Busa Bushwhack 10 miler on October 29th in Framingham.
Run4Veterans 5K on November 4th in Worcester.
Busa Bushwhack 10 miler on November 23rd in Whitinsville.

USATF Grand Prix Races
BayState Marathon October 22nd in Lowell

The meeting concluded with Road Tales!