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TVFR Meeting Minutes - September 7, 2017

Meeting Attendees: Mark Capparella, Amanda Ashley, Mike Nixon, Joanna Lacman, Laurie Turenne, Kerrie McFeeters, Annie Crowell, Steve Pohnert, Robyn Bratica, Rich Allen, Stephen Sullivan, John McCue, Henning Smith, John Parker, Ted Tyler, Mary Tyler, Mike McMullin, Linda McMullin, Gary Atlas, Terri Powell, Caroline VanBruinswaardt, Coleen Phillips, Chris Kivior

General Comments: (Chris and Coleen) Thank you Mike McMullin for his work with the trail series.  Unfortunately he was unable to be at the last race, but everyone worked together and the event went smoothly from start to finish.  Thank you Stephen Sullivan for the awards made for the race.  They were extra special this year, and people were excited to get them.

Boston the Movie: We hit the requisite amount of attendees for Boston the Movie, and your credit card will be charged today and you will receive your ticket via email.  They will fill the theater to capacity, so there are still about 70 tickets available if anyone else wishes to attend.

Larry Olsen 10K: (Chris) 41 registrations so far.  Hopefully registration will continue to pick up over the next few weeks.  We will need TVFR participation during the race and of course, if you can't run, volunteers are greatly appreciated.  All proceeds go to the Larry Olsen scholarship.  All of the sponsors from last year have been contacted.  Some have confirmed.  If any companies wish to donate $100 or $250, there are still 10 days left to get your name on the bib.  Thanks to Cappy, the course is now USATF certified through 2027.  Gary is unable to attend this 10K because of Yom Kippur, timing will be done with Webscore by Mike McMullin.  Gary is still managing the Active Site, on line and mail-in registrations, and creating the bibs with the sponsors on them.

Kids Dash: No registrations yet, but for the most part it is day of registration to avoid the fee.  We will continue to blast Track Kids and Facebook.

Track: (Coleen) Unfortunately the weather isn't always cooperating, however even in the rain yesterday, there were 15 runners present.  Milford is very busy when school starts up, and the marching band has the track most Wednesdays, so a decision was made to move it to BVT which is very quiet.  Officially track will continue through September.

Pond Runs: (Robyn) Usually 10 people attending, and a lot of new members are participating.  People are typically doing 1-2 loops, and there are always different pace groups including runners with strollers.  Pond runs will continue officially through the the month of September.

Woodland Trail Series Recap: (Mike M): This was the 20th year of the trail series!  We definitely had more attendees then last year.  The course was changed at the last minute because of construction.  Pure trail runners liked this change because it brought the race down to a single track more often, and the course didn't double back as much.  Good feedback was received.  The awards were also well received.  Only drawback was they weren't all TVFR branded.  A huge thank you to Gary who stepped up and took over at the last minute!

Age Grade Updates: (Robyn) First off, Robyn would like to apologize for the late announcement of the October races.  Ideally she wants to give at least 2 months notice, however because of having so many races in October to choose from, as well as people in the group having ties to various races, she wanted the decision to be well thought out.  She is also trying to be respectful of the fact that not everyone is a road runner and not everyone is a trail runner.  So for October we will have the Busa Bushwhack GFRC trail 10 miler and the VFW Run to Remember 5K.  If you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to email Robyn.

Starting in October with the 2017-2018 Grand Prix Series, age grading will be done differently.  How TVFR is age-grading is very outdated.  Rawson is using the 2006 version, and it has been upgraded internationally in 2010 and again in 2015.  Going forward, we will be using the internationally accepted algorithm based on world records.  If you would like to understand how this process works, click here for more information.

Soup Group: Joe Hamm came up with this idea and has overseen it since its inception.  He wishes to take a step back and offer someone else the opportunity to manage the hosts.  Caroline will be taking on the position of soup group coordinator.  Please email Caroline if you are interested in hosting by 9/28 so we can finalize it before the next meeting.  Need 4 people who will host monthly and a 5th host as a back up for months with 5 weeks or if a host needs to back out.  Soup groups are a wonderful way to socialize and get in a nice Sunday run before football games start.  If you are interested, there should be a 3, 5, 7, and 10-mile route from your home.

Rail Trail Runs: (Mark) They have been going really well with at least 10-12 people attending.  Seeing a lot of newer people trying them out and then they are signing up the next day to be a member.  As daylight is getting shorter, headlamps will be needed.

Apparel: (Terri) Terri and Sarah created a Facebook poll, and we received a good response.  It's a sensitive subject.  One thing that was agreed upon was that we should have 1 uniform color.  Club owns inventory and members have many different colors, so it is going to be a slow transition to get there.  The top 3 colors were white, orange, and green.  Traditional collegiate palate were preferred over bright neon colors, or black with yellow.  Trail runners wanted to see a bright orange shirt for safety.  Overwhelmingly people want to see a quarter-zips wicking shell.  The next step is to create a few more concentrated questions and then sit down with the officers and decide what is best for the club.

Membership Report: (Mark) We gained 8 new members in 4 families this month, but we lost 12 in 7 families.

Please welcome Jeff Allaire of Blackstone; Sarah Chandler of Franklin; Patricia Kelly of Upton; Anne, Sarah, Bill, William and Allison Carney of Oxford.

We now have 444 members (13 honorary) in 237 families.

TVFR Pop-Up Tent: (Mike N) 3 different tent options proposed.  For a majority of events, back against something so having 1 visible front was deemed preferable to spending almost double to have printing on all sides.  It was also decided that the tent will be black with white lettering.

Treasury Report: (Mike N) The bank is in good shape.  There is $1,840 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship Fund.  There is $540 left in the Martin Auty fund.

Incentive Reimbursement: (Mike N) $175 was used in quarter 2.  We have used $150 in quarter 3 which closes at the end of the month.

Banquet: (Joanna) Save the date, our annual banquet will be 11/2 from 6:30-10 at the Crystal Room.  The cost will remain the same, and catering will be provided by Ron (Papa Ginos).  Other places were looked at, but you can't bring in outside food and/or you need to rent tables, linens, chairs, etc. ...  Some of the money is recouped with the $10 ticket price but the Crystal room is in a good location, has ample parking, and they provide us with a lot of amenities.  Ideally would like more time at end for socializing, so will alter the flow.  Started reaching out for door prizes, if you have any ideas or donations for door prizes, please let Joanna.

Autumn Brew Run: (Gary) Remember to sign up for our bi-annual Brew Run on October 8th where you get to run, enjoy some soup while you brew some beer, and then a month later on November 5th, repeat and bottle your beer!

TVFR Grand Prix Races
Downtown 5K on September 17th in Providence.
Please also sign up on TVFR page.
Upton VFW Run to Remember 5K on October 7th in Upton.
Busa Bushwhack 10 miler on October 29th in Framingham.

USATF Grand Prix Races
Downtown 5K on September 17th in Providence
Lone Gull 10K on September 24th in Gloucester.
Please also sign up on the TVFR page.

TVFR Races
Larry Olsen 10K on September 30th in Hopedale

Volunteer Opportunities
Milford Special Olympics 5K on September 23rd in Milford.
Larry Olsen 10K on September 30th in Hopedale.

The meeting concluded with Road Tales!