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TVFR Meeting Minutes - January 10, 2018

Attendees: Ross Anderson, Stephen Sullivan, Rose St. Pierre, Kerrie McFeeters, Dawn Palladini, Laurie Turenne, Chris Kivior, Coleen Phillips, Henning Smith, Jill Duhaime, Matt Kellogg, Amanda Ashley, Mark Capparella, John Parker, Rich Allen, Mike Nixon, Robyn Bratica

General Comments: (Chris) Happy new year!  It was a great year in terms of club growth, and hopefully that will continue this year.  Although the temps were frigid, TVFR was very well represented by 28 women and 28 men at the 1st Day 5K.  Congratulations to our 5 Boston number recipients: Ross Anderson, Amanda Ashley, John McCue, Dawn Palladini, and Laurie Turenne.  Unfortunately the BAA told us that they have reached capacity with invitational numbers.  However, that number can still go down, so we would like to continue to be a presence at BAA events going forward.

Elections: (Chris) The only seat officially open was treasurer.  Everyone re-ran un-opposed.  Re-elected by a unanimous club vote: for President, Chris Kivior, for Vice President, Coleen Phillips, for Secretary, Kerrie McFeeters, for Membership Director, Mark Capparella.  Mike Nixon stepped down after 5 years as treasurer.  He did an amazing job, thank you for all your hard work.  Rose St. Pierre was unanimously voted in to replace him.

Frank Nealon BTU 15K: (Matt) 57 people have signed up so far, with 11 being from Sun Life through Dale.  75% of the people have used the Promo Code given to those registered last year.  Still waiting for insurance and town logistics.  Matt will be looking to set up a meeting with the officers to go over things he would want to add that may cost money.  An EMT on sight is required by USATF.

Some captains have volunteered again.  We are looking to fill the roles of Water Captain and Refreshment Captain for the 15K.  This would be a great opportunity for a TVFR member who is looking to take on a larger role in the club, and earn additional participation points.  Jill has an extensive spreadsheet explaining what these roles entail, so reach out to her if there are any questions.  Once captains are identified, we will start to schedule meetings.

TVFR Grand Prix: (Robyn) Races are picked through April.  See the end of these notes for details.

USATF Grand Prix: (Mark) There is a USATF GP meeting in early February to discuss the Grand Prix process, how race directors can prepare as a club, and what discounts can be given.

Rail Trail: (Mark) 5 people actually went out on the rail trail Tuesday using snow shoes, micro spikes, and nano spikes.

Soup Group Runs: (Coleen) It was -6 degrees on the morning of last Sunday's soup run, yet not many people cancelled.  18 runners braved the cold temps and ran either 5 or 10 miles.  Each week has been great with people lingering, having soup, relaxing, and talking.

AED: (Chris for Sherri) There is a family in Sutton whose son passed away playing football.  Had an AED been present, it might have saved him.  They have set up a fund to disseminate AEDs.  It does look like they will be donating one to the club.  If not, we will still look into purchasing one as everyone agrees this would be a good thing to have at races, track, and possibly soup groups.  Will still have to work out the logistics of where it is kept and how it's passed around.

Storage Facility Update: (Coleen) Received quotes for a 10x10 unit.  Upton $145/month with 50% off 1st month; Milford $148/month with 1st month free; Northbridge $125/month with 50% off 1st month; Franklin $125/month with 50% off 1st month.  Upton is the best location-wise, but expensive.  It would be beneficial to have everything in 1 location, and for things to be organized, but the cost is significant.  At this point, it doesn't seem cost effective, but will continue to investigate.  Perhaps we could get a discount as a non-profit organization, or make their business a prominent sponsor at one of our races.

Membership Report: (Mark) This was an excellent month for new memberships, but not as good for retention.

We have 12 new individual members.  Please welcome Gregory Preston of Mendon, Kim Elia of Framingham, Jennifer Heikkinen of Whitinsville, Teresa Medeiros of Milford, Maureen Tumbleton of Hopkinton, Stacy Young of Whitinsville, Jaime Sullivan of Milford, Katherine Greene of Bellingham, Jenna Palin of Blackstone, Eric Jacobsen of Hopkinton, Karen Lalley of Holliston and Mark Brownell of Douglas.

There were 15 non-renewals and 10 renewals in 9 families.  This brings us down to 444 members (14 honorary) in 245 families.

Treasury Report: (Mike N) At year's end the bank is in good shape.  There were some additional expenses this year including the tent.  USATF membership was renewed for the next 4 years, and there was a slight increase in our RRCA insurance due to club growth.  There is $3,114 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship Fund.  There is $340 in the Martin Auty Fund.

Incentive Reimbursement: (Mike N) There is $125 left for the 1st quarter.

TVFR Grand Prix Races
2/4/18: Super 5K in Lowell
2/18/18: Old Fashioned 10-miler in Foxborough
3/18/18: New Bedford Half Marathon in New Bedford
4/7/18: Bellingham Music 5K in Bellingham
(Currently website still says 3/31, but they agreed to change it from day of our BTU)
4/29/18: James Joyce Ramble in Dedham

USATF Grand Prix Races
3/18/18: New Bedford Half Marathon in New Bedford
3/31/18: Frank Nealon Boston Tune-Up 15K in Upton

The meeting ended in Road Tales!