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TVFR Meeting Minutes - April 6, 2017

Attendees: Laurie Turenne, Jenny Hopewell, Joanna Lacman, John McCue, Henning Smith, Kerrie McFeeters, Mike McMullin, Ross Anderson, Phil Crocker, Steve Pohnert, Stephen Sullivan, Patrick McEnaney, Joe Hamm, Jason Gray, Matt Kellogg, Robyn Bratica, Terri Powell, John Parker, Val Tomolonis, Ted Tyler, Mary Tyler, Coleen Phillips, Chris Kivior, Gary Atlas.

General Comments: (Coleen/Chris) As everyone knows by now, our biggest, and most lucrative race, had to be cancelled for the 1st time in 36 years.  The decision was out of our hands, first being cancelled as a USATF race, and then being cancelled outright on race morning by the Upton PD.  Hundreds of man-hours went into planning this race.  Thank you to everyone!  It was great to see all the TVFR people at the Bellingham 5K, where we had a vendor table, soup, and a slew of runners.  The school was elated.  We even got some new members to join.

Social Media Director: (Chris) Scott decided to step down from this position.  Thank you to Scott who took this over and did a such a great job! Luckily, Sarah is back from a short hiatus, and has quickly stepped back into the role again.  Great job this weekend updating all of our pages regarding the race!

Participation Points: (John) A committee was formed (John, Jill, Terri, and Dale) to review our current points-based system for awarding the Boston Marathon Invitational Entries that the Club receives each year.  This system is intended to be an objective and equitable way of allowing club members who may have difficulty qualifying for Boston, a chance to run this iconic and historic race.  The challenge is that the number of bibs we receive is going down and the number of members is going up.  This will be an ongoing process.  The foundation is set, but the group agrees to continue to work on it.

Changes to take place immediately going forward:

1. Remove blog owner and soup advisory board roles.

2. Award points for volunteering more fairly. Previously, a person who did not run and volunteered all day would receive 4 points, and a person who volunteered before the race and ran the race, would get 5 points. This discourages participation in in-race roles which are greatly needed. Points will now be awarded as follows:

-1 point for volunteering before

-3 points for volunteering during

-1 point for volunteering after

3. Add the BAA 5K, 10K, and half marathon to the volunteer category.  Volunteering for all BAA races may increase the number of bibs that the club receives.

4. Add "BTU Captain" to the Program Lead Category for the Refreshment, Parking, Road crew, Water Stop, and Registration captain roles (Each captain will receive 6 points for the BTU race plus points for volunteering on race day).

5. Increase the number of points for the "Soup Host" from 2 to 4 points for each occasion.  The number of club members attending Soup Group runs has grown and hosts commit at least half their day on Sundays.

6. Add a "referral" category.  Members will receive 1 point per referral.  Referrals are important to increasing club membership and they are already tracked by the website.

The next part, modifying the process for awarding Boston Marathon Invitational Entries, will take place at another meeting.  We will also discuss ways for those who earn points throughout the year, but do not want to run the Boston Marathon, to receive some kind of award for their service to the club.

Apparel Coordinator: (Chris) Thank you to Val for your hard work organizing and expanding our apparel offerings as a whole.  She will be stepping down, and Terry will be taking on that role.  Thank you Terri!

Friday Night Lights: (Jason Gray) Jason formed a group 2 years back called Friday Night Lights.  Almost every Friday this group does trail based runs with head lamps all around central Massachusetts.  The group is 100 members strong on Facebook, but it is not tied to any entity.  Jason does not have the time he once had to organize these runs, and so he approached Chris to see if TVFR would be interested in absorbing it.  People really seem to enjoy these runs, and the number of members keep growing.  We all agreed that this group gives an excellent opportunity for trail runners to gather.  We would not require that people become a TVFR member to do these runs, but it would make us more enticing to another subset of runners.  From a liability standpoint, any of our members who attend, signed our waiver.  We did decide to absorb this group, however we will need to figure out how to implement it going forward.

Track: (Chris/Coleen) Wednesday speed workouts will officially begin April 26th.  April and May we will be in Milford, June at BVT, July in Bellingham, August at BMR, and September back in Milford.

Pond Runs: (Chris) Will begin next Monday April 10th in the Hopedale Parklands.

BTU 15K Update: (Matt) Thanks again to everyone!  USATF wants to give us the race automatically for next year, however according to their by-laws, they can't.  They will recommend that we get the race next year, and captains from other clubs are also recommending we get the race again.  Matt still wants to be race director.  If we break even next year, we should be good from a financial standpoint.  Feedback from teams was shaky Friday when cancelled as a USATF event (this was the only reason why people were coming).  Upton PD refused to give a definitive answer until 6 AM on race morning.  But after the race was canceled Saturday everyone gave positive feed back.  We will still be donating $2,000 to Jimmy Fund in the name of Upton PD, and $500 to Dana Farber in Frank Nealon's name.

Membership Report: (Chris) We have 13 new members this month! Please welcome: Adam Bergeron of Franklin, Lauren Deguire of Blackstone, Heather Lemire of Uxbridge, Anthony Landry of Milford, Alleigh Matthews of Bellingham, Jon Martley of Woonsocket, RI, Tanya Haynes of Milford, and Dina Pontolilo of Milford.

There were 11 non-renewals in 6 families and 17 renewals in 9 families.

This brings us up to 405 members in 216 families, another all-time high!

Storage Facility: (Patrick) It would be nice to have somewhere to store things like cones, markers, signs, water, etc.  Upton Storage is local.  Prices are negotiable because this would be more of a long term commitment.  Prices ranged from $105-$155/month.  Need to see how much need to store, but if take good care of equipment, it will last longer.  Will discuss again when treasurer is present.

James Joyce Ramble 10K: (Mary) This race is the USATF Master's Championship 10K.  2 of the last 3 years we have been able to field a Women's team.  A team consists of 5 people, and the team is scored based on the age of the youngest individual 40+.  To learn more about requirements for forming a team go here.  If you are interested in being part of a team, keep your eye out early next week on our homepage where Rawson will be posting a link to a sign-up page.

The meeting ended in Road Tales!