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TVFR Meeting Minutes - May 4, 2017

Attendees: Mike Nixon, Mark Capparella, John Parker, Amanda Ashley, Grasiele Kane, Steve Pohnert, Stephen Sullivan, Ross Anderson, Caroline VanBruinswaardt, Kerrie McFeeters, Joanna Lacman, Laurie Turenne, Mary Tyler, Ted Tyler, Val Tomolonis, Terri Powell, Coleen Phillips, Chris Kivior.

General Comments: (Chris/Coleen) Congratulations to everyone who ran Boston this year!  And thank you to all those who volunteered at the water stop.  Thanks to Mark and Mary who organized the James Joyce Ramble 10K.  Congratulations to the 3 teams who ran, as well as all the TVFR members who ran it as a Grand Prix.

Coleen went to the Health and Wellness fair at Uxbridge High School.  It was a great day meeting others in the community and getting the word out about the club.  A lot of the kids seemed interested in joining and participating in track workouts.

Larry Olsen Scholarship: (Chris) The scholarship forms were submitted to the Athletic Director.  Once we receive this year's applications, the Executive Board will review them and award 1 male and 1 female Hopedale High School graduating Senior a scholarship of $600.  Each recipient also receives an invitational entry into the 2017 Larry Olsen 10K.  These funds come from Larry Olsen shirt sales and net proceeds from the Larry Olsen 10K.

Boston Participation Points: (Chris) Last month we had a productive session on point allocation, and we were able to complete this section of the Bylaws at this meeting.  Once the document is finalized I will send it out and have Rawson make it available on the web site. Thank you to the committee and all their hard work putting this together.

Track: (Chris/Coleen) 2nd week was last night.  Going well so far with 33 the 1st session and 24 last night.  Unfortunately Milford had a home game last night, so improvised and did 800s around the soccer field.  Because of scheduling conflicts, we will need to move to BVT on 5/24.  Spreadsheets for upcoming workouts as well as previous data will all be available soon on the website.

Pond Runs: (Mike) They are pretty well attended with about 10-14 people showing up.

Track Kids: (Coleen) The information went live on the website today!  To sign up your child go here. It will start Tuesday 6/20 at BVT at 6 PM.  It will run for 4 weeks, skipping July 4th.  There is a link for coaching, a minimum of 5 other people will be needed for each session.  A $600 budget was approved to purchase agility cones, agility ladder, medals, ribbons, water, freeze pops, ice cream truck for the last week, javelins, and shot puts.  It will be for ages 4-12.  It will be capped at 50 children.  For liability issues, only kids of members can take part.  Coleen and Mike are working with BVT, and they are on board and there are no conflicts.

SRR Marathon Relay: (Mark) For 3 years, TVFR fielded a team for this event, and in 2015 there were 2 teams.  Last year, unfortunately, it sold out in 14 hours, and we weren't able to participate.  This year it will take place Saturday June 10th.  There are 26 people on a team, at least 10 of which are female, each person runs 1 mile around the track handing off a baton to the next person in line.  Registration opens at noon May 12th.  Please sign up here if interested, we would like to try and get 2 teams.

Tuesday Night Rail Trail Runs: (Chris) We discussed making it official again so that it is better organized, but need a point person in case new people go.  Caroline, Ross, and Terri will help organize.  It will alternate between Milford and Holliston.  Once the 3 of them decide on a time, a sign-up sheet will go live on the website again.

Membership Report: (Mark) We have 5 new individuals and 5 new members in 2 new families. Please welcome Eric Hubball of Hudson, Ryan McHale of Milford, Tracy Durand of Douglas, Rachel Dobinski of Hopkinton, Chris Beauregard of Franklin, Terry, Sarah and Jessica Bakas of Bellingham and Tara Beth and Evren Gunduz of Cambridge.

We also have 2 new member of existing families: Kristy Phillips of Hopedale and Benjamin Kellogg of Hopedale; and 2 reinstatements: Linda Kang of Bellingham and Sarah Roy of Uxbridge. There were also 11 renewals in 9 families.

This brings us up to 416 members in 222 families, yet another all-time high!

Treasury Report: (Mike) The bank is in good shape.  We will be making donations in the name of the Upton PD to the Jimmy fund and in Frank Nealon's name to Dana Farber with proceeds from the BTU 15K.  We will be deciding how much funds need to be set aside for next year's race to offer discounted registrations to those runners registered for this year's race who choose to participate again next year.  There is $440 in the Martin Auty fund and $3,000 in the Larry Olsen Scholarship fund.

Incentive Reimbursement : (Mike) We used $125 in quarter 1 and $25 so far in quarter 2.  The next eligible race is the Blue Raider 5K.

TVFR Grand Prix Races
Hopedale Blue Raider 5K 5/7/17 in Hopedale
Wachusett Mountain 10K 5/27/17 in Princeton

USATF Grand Prix Race
St. Joseph Healthcare RibFest 5 miler 6/18/17 in Merrimack New Hampshire

Woodland Trail 5 miler in Uxbridge
6/29/17, 7/27/17, and 8/31/17

Volunteer Opportunities
Hopedale Blue Raider 5K on 5/7/17
Westboro Spring Fest 5K on 6/10/17
Woodland Trail Series 5 miler 6/29/17, 7/27/17, and 8/31/17

The meeting concluded with Road Tales!