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TVFR Meeting Minutes - June 1, 2017

Meeting Attendees: Mark Capparella, Carolynn Capparella-Simoes, John Parker, Kerrie McFeeters, Annie Crowell, Amanda Connor, Terri Powell, Amanda Ashley, Patrick McEnaney, Stephen Sullivan, Gary Atlas, Jill Duhaime, Coleen Philipps, Chris Kivior, Mike McMullin, Ted Tyler, Mary Tyler, Robyn Bratica.

General Comments: (Chris/Coleen) The club has grown by 27.5% in the past year.  Just since January there has been a 14.09% increase in size.  The more members we bring in, the more active participants we have, the better the programs, the more volunteers, etc.  Mark has done an amazing job as membership director.  As soon as someone enlists, he searches out their Facebook and invites them to join the page, communicating with them and getting them involved in the club at the outset.  He also contacts people who don't renew to find out why they made this decision, helping the club make sure we are meeting everybody's needs, and keeping people interested and involved at all times.

Volunteer Points: (Chris) We are finalizing the answers to questions Rawson had and making sure we can easily keep track of participation points going forward.  As soon as everything is finalized, we will get out the final version of how participation points will be awarded.  Chris has reached out to the committee to also discuss how we can reward people who don't apply for a Boston number, using those points for something else (like a free year's membership, free race entry, etc).

Larry Olsen Scholarship: (Chris) 2 scholarship recipients were chosen, Jake Murray of Uxbridge and Krysta Grider of Hopedale both on the cross country and track teams for Hopedale High School.  At their sports banquet last night each received a $600 scholarship and an invitational entry to the Larry Olsen 10K.

Track: (Coleen) Going strong, with well over 20 runners each week.  People are taking advantage of both workouts.  The Indian run 2 weeks ago was a lot of fun.  There are a lot of new faces every week too.

Pond Runs: (Patrick) Going great, with 8-10 people getting in 1 and 2 loops each week.  It is a nice opportunity to run at a social pace. 

Track Kids: (Coleen) Registration was capped at 50, and it filled in 11 days.  BVT is allowing us to use the bathrooms this year.  They have decided to only charge us $50 for all 4 weeks.  Monday the 11th at 6:30 will be the coaches meeting.  We have more coaches this year which will make things much less stressful on Coleen.  Shirt sales close June 4th.  We currently have 32 orders, but need 36 to fulfill it.  We decided the club will purchase enough shirts to fulfill the order.  The Mini Meet will be July 18th with the ice cream truck following.  We are thinking about perhaps doing a kids dash at one of the trail races, to be discussed at a later time.

Woodland Trail Races: (Mike M) We already have 82 registered for the June race, 68 for July, and 73 for August.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted soon.  Stephen Sullivan will help Mike cut out the awards.  The top 3 males and females for the series will be getting awards this year.

Friday Night Lights: (Chris) Working on cross communication between the TVFR Facebook page and the Friday Night Lights page.  Still need to decide how long do we want it to run it, how do we structure points, and whether we rotate through certain locations and have a point person per location, sort of like how we do soup group.  This is a social event, no one gets left behind.

Rail Trail Runs: (Mark) 12 runners last Tuesday.  Going well so far.

Membership Report: (Mark) Thanks in very large part to Track Kids, we had a HUGE membership increase this month with 43 new members!  Please welcome Douglas Caverly of Bellingham, Bridgette Kelly of Medway, Shannon O'Brien of Hopedale, Brian Anderson of Milford, Sam Randall of Northbridge, Maura Bruns of Franklin, Rebecca Perry of Douglas, Rachel, Jeffery, Isabella and Juliana Brancato of Mendon; Talia, Nolan and Nathaniel Berkowitz of Whitinsville; Rachael, Rob, Corinne, Riley and Caleb Jackson of Hopedale; Tatiana, Arianna and Gabriel Cardona of Milford; Christine, Gavin, Colin and Rob Dwyer of Uxbridge; Trevor, Nicholas, Jacob and Alice Tomasino of Oxford; Christine, Cole, Mike, Gavin and Ella Pezzullo of Uxbridge; Timothy, Keiran and Sharon Hoff of Mansfield; Elizabeth, Sean, Finn and Declan Reilly of Hopedale; and Samantha Carroll of Upton.

This brings us up to 455 members in 235 families, shattering last month's all-time high!

Treasury Report: The bank is in good shape.  $1,200 was used from the Larry Olsen Scholarship fund, and money was also used for Track Kids.

TVFR Grand Prix Races
Ashland Trail Race 5K 6/3/17 in Ashland
Sharon Timlin 5K 6/17/17 in Hopkinton

USATF Grand Prix Race
St. Joseph Healthcare RibFest 5 miler 6/18/17 in Merrimack New Hampshire

Woodland Trail 5 miler in Uxbridge
6/29/17, 7/27/17, and 8/31/17

Volunteer Opportunities
Westboro Spring Fest 5K on 6/10/17
Woodland Trail Series 5 miler 6/29/17, 7/27/17, and 8/31/17
BAA 10K on 6/25/17

The meeting concluded with Road Tales!