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TVFR Event Sign-Up

USATF Grand Prix - Frank Nealon BTU Tune-Up - April 1st, 2017 11:00 AM

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Sign up here to be ensured of receiving participation credit!  Use club 168 on entry form.  If you'd like to carpool, please indicate the time you'd like to be back in comment field.

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Important: If you sign up, but later discover you can't make it, please cancel here.  This way, other runners will know not to wait for you; plus you will not receive participation points you didn't earn.  Thanks!

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Timestamp Name Status USATF Carpool Comment
 Mar 11, 11:21 am   Mike Nixon   Yes   Yes   No   
 Mar 11, 12:54 pm   Rich Victor   Yes   Yes   No   
 Mar 11, 4:43 pm   Trista Brown   Yes   Yes   No   
 Mar 11, 7:14 pm   Stephen Sullivan   Yes   Yes   No   
 Mar 11, 10:24 pm   Ross Anderson   Yes   Yes   No   
 Mar 12, 2:38 pm   Terri Powell   Yes   Yes   No  Volunteering and running
 Mar 12, 6:52 pm   Cheryl Asselin   Yes   Yes   No  I'm volunteering and running. :)
 Mar 12, 8:19 pm   Adam Bergeron   Yes   No   No   
 Mar 19, 9:03 pm   Stacey Federico   Yes   No   No  Both Mike Federico and I will be there.Looking forward to it!
 Mar 21, 11:42 pm   Philip Crocker   Yes   Yes   No  Running
 Mar 25, 9:03 am   John Parker   Yes   Yes   No  volunteering and running