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TVFR Event Sign-Up

Wednesday Track Workout - April 26th, 2017 6:10 PM

Meet at Milford High School at 6:00 PM.  More Info

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Important: If you sign up, but later discover you can't make it, please cancel here.  This way, other runners will know not to wait for you; plus you will not receive participation points you didn't earn.  Thanks!

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Timestamp Name Status Comment
 Apr 21, 8:04 am   Henning Smith   Yes   
 Apr 21, 9:26 am   Chris Kivior   Yes   
 Apr 21, 9:36 am   Rose St. Pierre   Yes   
 Apr 21, 12:45 pm   Mark Capparella   Yes  May be getting there on the late side, depending on softball umpiring schedule
 Apr 21, 2:31 pm   Amanda Ashley   Yes   
 Apr 21, 2:51 pm   Ross Anderson   Yes  Cappy, watch your ankles.
 Apr 22, 12:21 pm   Andrew Barron   Yes   
 Apr 23, 10:57 am   Anthony Landry   Yes   
 Apr 23, 12:11 pm   Patrick McEnaney   Yes   
 Apr 23, 2:04 pm   Mike Nixon   Yes   
 Apr 23, 6:25 pm   Coleen Phillips   Yes  Can't Wait!