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TVFR Event Sign-Up

Tuesday Evening Rail Trail Run - May 23rd, 2017, 6:30 PM

Meet at gazebo by Lex Auto Parts, 15 Winthrop St, Holliston.  More Info

This event is now closed for sign-up.

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Timestamp Name Status Distance Pace Comment
 May 17, 5:00 pm   Maura Bruns   Yes   5 miles   8:45   
 May 18, 2:56 pm   Terri Powell   Yes   5 miles   8:45   
 May 22, 5:27 am   Mike Sawyer   Yes   5 miles   7:45  Going to try to get there in time...!
 May 22, 6:42 am   Mike Nixon   Yes   5 miles   9:00  I'm a solid maybe! If no soccer, I'll be there!
 May 23, 10:58 am   Caroline Vanbruinswaardt   Yes   Other   10:30  I am going to try to be there. I will cancel if I cannot make it
 May 23, 11:48 am   Patrick McEnaney   Yes   5 miles   10:00  May do 8...we shall see
 May 23, 2:28 pm   Maria Kempner   Yes   5 miles   8:45   
 May 23, 4:01 pm   Mark Capparella   Yes   Other   8:45  Looking forward to meeting NEW MEMBER Maura! Planning on going all the way to the Double Tree (9 miles) or even to the Milford CVS (10+mi) and will be brining a colleague from work.