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TVFR Event Sign-Up

Tuesday Evening Rail Trail Run - August 15th, 2017, 6:30 PM

Meet at CVS parking lot, 50 Medway Rd, Milford.  More Info

This event is now closed for sign-up.

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Timestamp Name Status Distance Pace Comment
 Aug 9, 11:49 am   John McCue   Yes   5 miles   9:30   
 Aug 11, 2:35 pm   Mark Capparella   Yes   8 miles   8:30  I may push this up to the 9.5 mile level, depening on how I feel.
 Aug 13, 4:17 pm   Laurie Turenne   Yes   5 miles   11:00   
 Aug 15, 12:05 pm   George Andrew   Yes   5 miles   9:30   
 Aug 15, 1:49 pm   Caroline Vanbruinswaardt   No          I just wanted to remind everybody that for tonight's rail trail run you can also run from Joe Hamms place 48 Highland Hi and there will be ribs afterwR check Facebook for the exact address
 Aug 15, 1:51 pm   Patrick McEnaney   Yes   8 miles   10:00  On call so if not there, don't wait for me
 Aug 15, 3:37 pm   Matthew O'Connell   Yes   5 miles   8:30  May go longer - seeing how it feels
 Aug 15, 4:21 pm   Ross Anderson   Yes   8 miles   8:00  Switching to a run from Joe's. down Adams Street and back for circa 9.
 Aug 15, 5:23 pm   Dawn Palladini   Yes   5 miles   11:30