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USATF Grand Prix - Lone Gull 10K - September 24th, 2017 9:00 AM

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  • Use club 168 on entry form.
  • If you'd like to carpool, please indicate the time you'd like to be back in the comment field.
  • Coordination for those wishing to carpool or stay overnight can be done through comments or through Facebook, should it get more complicated.

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    Important: If you sign up, but later discover you can't make it, please cancel here.  This way, other runners will know not to wait for you; plus you will not receive participation points you didn't earn.  Thanks!

    Signed up so far:      Refresh this list     (Click on column headers to sort.)

    Timestamp Name Status USATF Member Carpool Overnight Comment
     Sep 5, 10:36 am   Terri Powell   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Sep 5, 10:45 am   Mike Nixon   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Sep 6, 8:49 am   Susan Spencer   Yes   Yes   No   No  Might be able to carpool from Whitinsville. Terri, interested?
     Sep 18, 6:06 am   Mary Tyler   Yes   Yes   No   No  signed up way back but only 50-50 on running; won't be sure until race day
     Sep 20, 9:42 am   Mark Capparella   No   Yes   No   No  Something came up this weekend, so I'm not going to be able to make it up to Gloucester on Sunday. So sorry!
     Sep 20, 3:58 pm   Philip Crocker   Yes   Yes   No   No   
     Sep 20, 9:50 pm   Thribuvan Parupalli   Yes   No   No   No   
     Sep 23, 2:31 pm   Ross Anderson   No   Yes   No   No   

    If your USATF membership status is incorrect, please email Rawson Chaplin.