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Sunday Soup Cook - January 14th, 2018, 9:00 AM

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Timestamp Name Status Soup Type Comment
 Jan 9, 7:53 am   Jen Fields   Yes   Vegetarian  Tomato-based hearty veggie soup
 Jan 10, 6:22 pm   Anthony Landry   Yes   Non-Vegetarian  Lentil. Definitely non-vegetarian, first ingredient is bacon
 Jan 10, 8:25 pm   Dawn Sullivan   Yes   Non-Vegetarian  chicken lemon dill
 Jan 11, 12:46 pm   Terri Powell   Yes   Non-Vegetarian  Chicken Thai Coconut...take 2, hopefully does not end up all over the front seat of my car like last time :-O
 Jan 13, 6:44 pm   Paul Shanahan   Yes   Non-Vegetarian  Chicken chili.