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TVFR Event Sign-Up

Sunday Soup Run - February 18th, 2018, 9:00 AM

Meet at Amanda's house, 3 Center St, Medway.  Maps and More Info

Soup group hosts have mapped routes for 3-10 miles; other distances can be run but routes are up to each individual runner.

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Timestamp Name Status Distance Pace Comment
 Feb 12, 10:36 am   Karen Cook   Yes   5M @ 10:00 am   10:30   
 Feb 12, 10:59 am   Christina Kennedy   Yes   3M @ 10:20 am   10:45  Will be adding a mile to make it a 4 mile run
 Feb 12, 12:48 pm   Jeff Hattem   Yes   15M @ 8:10 am   9:45   
 Feb 16, 3:20 pm   Jill McKelvey   Yes   5M @ 10:00 am   10:15  I might change and do 7 miles. It will depend on the weather.
 Feb 17, 9:37 am   Don Basso   Yes   15M @ 8:10 am   10:15  I plan on starting at about 8. I need 18 miles, so I’m thinking the 7.5 first and then the 10. Hopefully finish around 11. :)
 Feb 17, 10:20 am   Carolina Villarreal   Yes   13M @ 8:30 am   8:45  Starting a bit early to do 14... running with Terry!
 Feb 17, 6:30 pm   Paul Barrows   Yes   5M @ 10:00 am   10:00   
 Feb 17, 7:14 pm   Stacy Young   No          Starting at 10
 Feb 18, 7:04 am   Terri Powell   Yes   13M @ 8:30 am   8:45  I will be bringing the new singlets actually running 14 with Carolina at 8:15am
 Feb 18, 9:10 am   Laurie Turenne   No          pace is dependent on road conditions!