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BAA 10K, June 25, 2017 - Volunteer Sign-Up

Here's the info required to volunteer for the BAA 10K on Sunday, June 25 from 6:30 - 10:30 AM.  Our volunteer assignment is Course Monitoring.  This team typically breaks up into pairs that are stationed along the course to ensure that the course is safe and clear for participants.  This is a great opportunity for a front-row seat to the event!  Please follow the directions below to register!  Once you have registered, please shoot Dan Davin a text and let him know you have signed up; his # is 508-944-1232.  Please sign up with the BAA by WEDNESDAY, MAY 31!

1. Click on this link for registration.

2. Select 'Returning' or 'First Time' Volunteer.
Returning Volunteers: You will need to enter your Volunteer Loyalty Number and zip code.  This information was emailed to you on May 9, 2017.  There is also a VLN look-up on the application.

3. Complete the personal information.

4. Group Status: Select "yes" next to "I have been given a group name and a pass code and would like to join a group."

5. Find the group name in the drop down list and type the pass code.
Group Name: TVFR
Passcode: 2017

6. Complete the remainder of the application and make note of the on-screen confirmation number.  Seeing the on-screen confirmation is indication that you have successfully completed the online application.

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This event is now closed for sign-up.

Signed up:

Timestamp Name Status Carpool Comment
 May 19, 2:54 pm   Coleen Phillips   Yes   Yes  Definitely want to carpool
 May 20, 9:30 am   Terri Powell   Yes   Yes  Count me for the carpool!
 May 20, 10:06 am   Amanda Ashley   Yes   Yes   
 May 20, 2:50 pm   Dan Davin   Yes   Yes  It should be fun.
 May 20, 7:22 pm   Laurie Turenne   Yes   Yes   
 May 21, 6:41 pm   Dawn Palladini   Yes   Yes   
 May 21, 6:53 pm   Amanda Connor   Yes   Yes   
 May 22, 5:29 am   Dale Fingar   Yes   Yes   
 May 22, 8:11 am   John McCue   Yes   Yes   
 May 26, 12:47 pm   Thribuvan Parupalli   Yes   Yes  Registration done and i got acknowledgement number as 424.
 Jun 17, 12:43 pm   Caroline Vanbruinswaardt   Yes   Yes  Oops signed up with BAA but not here