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Larry Olsen 10K, September 30, 2017 - Volunteer Sign-Up

For questions, please contact Chris Kivior.

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Timestamp Name Time Comment
Sep 12, 9:21 am Rose St. Pierre B/A Running so I can help before & after
Sep 12, 9:24 am Amanda Connor B/A Running but can help before and after.
Sep 12, 9:29 am Laurie Turenne B/D/A  
Sep 12, 9:48 am Dawn Palladini B/A I'm running it so i can help before and after
Sep 12, 10:01 am Mark Capparella B/D/A NOT running, so I can help wit anything
Sep 12, 10:03 am John McCue B/D/A Ready to help with anything
Sep 12, 10:12 am Amanda Ashley B/D/A  
Sep 12, 11:36 am Matt Kellogg B/D/A I'd just like to be around for the kids dash
Sep 12, 5:33 pm Kerrie McFeeters B  
Sep 12, 7:53 pm Donna Antkowiak A Already signed up to run, but can help after
Sep 13, 5:27 am Mary Tyler D Ted and I will be photographing by the pond
Sep 15, 9:37 am Steven Pohnert B/D/A  
Sep 17, 2:07 pm Gary Atlas B/A on-line & mail-in registration, results posting.
Sep 18, 1:21 pm Terri Powell B/D/A Will be setting up apparel table
Sep 21, 2:49 pm Henning Smith B/D/A Kids Dash Race Director
Sep 22, 12:50 pm Paul Shanahan B/A Running, can help before and after.
Sep 23, 2:22 pm Mike Sawyer D Road Crew or Water Stop
Sep 24, 3:28 pm Sandra Caproni B/D  
Sep 25, 5:59 am B/D/A Tyler and I can help - Whatever is needed.
Sep 25, 8:16 am Don Palladini B Can help before
Sep 25, 10:07 am John Parker D/A I might not get there until about 10:30.
Sep 25, 10:51 am Ross Anderson B/D/A Would like to do the turn into the woodlands
Sep 25, 11:52 am Patrick McEnaney B/D/A I have the mile marker signs that we can use for this one
Sep 25, 5:28 pm David Morin D Photos
Sep 25, 5:41 pm Carolina Villarreal B/D/A Just let me know how can I help with and the time!!
Sep 25, 6:55 pm Coleen Phillips B/D Will get there early and assist with anything until 11:30am :)
Sep 25, 7:55 pm Rich Allen B/D I can get there early and give the splits again at the 5K mark
Sep 27, 9:00 am Evren Gunduz B/D/A  
Sep 27, 2:41 pm Camden Evens B/D/A I can do anything suitable for a 9 year old!
Sep 27, 2:42 pm Samira Evens B/D/A I can do anything suitable for an 11 year old!
Sep 29, 12:28 pm Matthew O'Connell B I'm right around the corner in Upton (about 5 mi away) so can be there whenever you need me in the morning.
Sep 29, 4:51 pm Dale Fingar B/A  
Sep 29, 5:38 pm Sarah Parks B/D I will be doing my social media thing - unless it's raining hard