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TVFR Track Kids 2017 Volunteer Coach Sign-Up

For questions, please contact email or call (774-287-3125) Coleen Phillips.

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Signed up:

Timestamp Name Dates Comment
 May 5, 6:23 am   Brian Phillips   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 5, 6:49 am   Henning Smith   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 5, 7:32 am   Jason Gray   Jun20/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 5, 8:19 am   Julia Caruso   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 5, 10:03 am   Kerrie McFeeters   Jun20/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 5, 1:47 pm   Dawn Palladini   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11  I'll be a little late coming from work but I would love to help!
 May 5, 2:01 pm   Laurie Turenne   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18  what ever you need!!
 May 5, 7:10 pm   Ross Anderson   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 6, 6:03 pm   Donna Antkowiak   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11  Nick and I will both help out with the exception of July 18th (on vacation) - Nick can help coach field events if need be (i.e. javelin, discus, shotput)
 May 7, 9:41 pm   Robyn Bratica   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18  I'll be Juliet's personal coach and will modify the activities for her
 May 15, 2:07 pm   Amanda Ashley   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18   
 May 21, 7:31 pm   Mark Capparella   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18  If Amanda's not too busy to do this, then I really have no excuse!
 May 31, 8:17 pm   Thribuvan Parupalli   Jun20/Jun27/Jul11/Jul18  anything works
 Jun 19, 5:34 pm   John McCue   Jun20/Jun27/Jul18