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TVFR / GFRC / HRC / CMS Brew Run, Oct 8, 2017 - Sign-Up

Hello Brew-Runners!!  It's Back... The Autumn edition of the Brew Run!

Again, TVFR is teaming up with GFRC and all Metrowest Runners and Running Club at Barleycorn's Craft Brew for a special edition of a Soup and Brew Run!!!

Our host for this annual event will be TVFR's Gary Atlas and Barleycorn's new brew impresario Tom Wilber.

The doors of Barleycorn's will open for this Brew Runner 'take-over' at 7:45 am on Sunday October 8, 2017 for starting a run distance of your choice.  If you were at our previous editions of the Brew Run or if you heard (or tasted!) feedback, you'll know this event is not to be missed..

At the conclusion of our run, we will have soup (volunteers needed) and brew beer.  We will definitely also partake in some beer sampling and testing as well (BYOB!). We will be returning to Barleycorn's for a Bottle Run on Sunday November 5th to bottle, cap and label our efforts.

  • Doors open at 7:45 am & initial run (10Mi) starts at 8:00 am, Brew start at 10:00 am.  Done at 12:15 pm (or 1:30 depending on how many kettles).
  • Cost is $35/Case of beer exclusive of bottles.  (It's ok to share a case with someone, but someone has to pay for the case)
  • Bottles - They aren't needed until our bottle date (11/5) and can be purchased at Barleycorn's ($12/case) or you can provide your own 12oz or 22oz bottles.  They need to be clean and not be screw tops or flip tops.
  • Type of Beer to be brewed? - We will need to vote which styles to brew.  Each kettle makes 6 cases.  The more people that sign-up and brew, the more choices.
  • If we brew more than 1 kettle, then you will get a mixed case of the different kettles.
  • Friends, coworkers, family, non-runners welcome to run or brew or both
  • Payment ($35/case) for beer due on Brew date.
  • Payment for bottles (if needed) due on Bottle date.
  • We can decide on a group label for our beer or you can design your own, email the design to Barleycorns and it will be printed and ready for us on the bottle date!
  • If you can't make one of the dates, ask a friend to do your share of the work (and running!).
  • What a great treat to have going into the Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Route maps: 10M   7M   5M   5K

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Signed up:

Timestamp Name Status Distance Soup Beer Type Comment
 Aug 18, 10:31 am   Gary Atlas   Yes   Brewing Only   Yes   Anything  Looking forward to it!
 Aug 19, 4:52 pm   Jeff Hattem   Yes   10M @ 8:00AM      Belgian   
 Sep 21, 6:01 am   Guest   Yes   5M @ 9:00AM      Running Only  Britney Sachs
 Sep 27, 7:01 am   Guest   Yes   7M @ 8:30AM   Yes   Stout  Jenny and Jack would like to do the bottle run on 11/5 and would love a case of beer, stout preferred but will take anything!
 Oct 3, 10:38 pm   Guest   Yes   5K @ 9:30AM      Stout  Barbara Seymour G - only around for the bottling. Love the spicy coffee stouts if looking for new tastes.
 Oct 3, 10:38 pm   Guest   Yes   5K @ 9:30AM      Stout  Barbara Seymour GFRC- only around for the bottling. Love the spicy coffee stouts if looking for new tastes.p
 Oct 4, 9:17 am   Terri Powell   Yes   10M @ 8:00AM      Belgian  Will be there earlier, like 7:45...running total 12mi
 Oct 7, 9:03 am   Joanna Lacman   Yes   5K @ 9:30AM      Belgian  Just for bottling!!
 Oct 7, 8:01 pm   Guest   No           Tom Abbott
 Oct 7, 8:04 pm   Guest   No           I can NOT navigate this thing.