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Boston Marathon

2016 TVFR Boston Marathon Charity Runners Fundraising

Dale Fingar

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2015 Results

Boston Marathon, April 20, 2015

From Sarah: Despite the weather, it was an awesome day yesterday! Better to be cold than too hot! Here's a few pics from the day. A lot of TVFR folks were in Natick to cheer us on! It was also nice seeing the folks at the water stop at mile 2.2! I'm happy with my time, considering those downhills into Cleveland Circle were brutal - that was the part of the course I hadn't really trained on. A great and amazing day! Glad I did it but definitely not applying for another number anytime soon!

Place Name Net Time Pace Division
5048 John Brown 3:14:36 7:25 100
16285 Dale Fingar 3:49:49 8:46 345
20890 Sarah Parks 4:12:29 9:38 4548
21523 Robyn Sullivan 4:17:22 9:49 4679
21545 Dan Davin 4:17:28 9:49 1249
22008 Tim Greenan 4:21:17 9:58 2229
22219 Paul Callery 4:30:29 10:19 2244
24182 David Johndrow 4:45:35 10:54 1384

Each year TVFR receives a limited number of invitational entries to the Boston Marathon through the Boston Athletic Association (BAA). Members interested in applying for one of these entries must have at least one year's membership tenure with TVFR. Entries will be selected based on a point system, where runners can accumulate points from October through September. Recipients will be announced in November. Recipients are responsible for paying their own entry fee and are required to volunteer at the Frank Nealon Boston Tune Up 15k race.

Points are calculated as follows:

Category Examples Possible Points
Officer Pres, Vice-Pres, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership
Program Lead Series coordinator, track coach, website, blog owner, uniform chief, race director, timing coordinator
Volunteer Race volunteer per event, soup course setup, BAA water stop, presidential assignments
Soup Host At your house
Soup Cook In your crock
Soup Advisory Board One time point credit
Soup Runner 3 7 or more
Soup Runner 2 4-6 runs
Soup Runner 1 3 runs or less
Meeting Attendance 3 7 or more meetings
Meeting Attendance 2 4-6 meetings
Meeting Attendance 1 3 meetings or less
Track Attendance 3 7 or more
Track Attendance 2 4-6 runs
Track Attendance 1 3 runs or less
Weekly Trail Runs 3 7 or more runs
Weekly Trail Runs 2 4-6 runs
Weekly Trail Runs 1 3 runs or less
USATF Runner for TVFR TVFR team rep per race
TVFR Series Runner for TVFR TVFR team rep per race
TVFR Owned Race Runner Per race