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Race Results - Susan Spencer

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Date Race Location Length Time Pace Place Division Div Pl Comment
2018-02-18 Old-Fashioned Ten Miler Foxboro, MA 10M 1:19:54 7:59 116/435 F 50-59 3/46 A roller coaster race. Glad I didn't have to do the Badass Half! Fun event, though.
2017-11-25 Andrea Holden 5K Road Race Dennis, MA 3.1M 23:44 7:39 92/595 F 50-59 5/60 Beautiful weather. First time I've run this wearing just a singlet on top. Always a good race, but those 50-year-olds in front of me are getting faster!
2017-11-23 Whitin 5 Miler Whitinsville, MA 5M 38:29 7:42 111/595 F 50-59 3/53 Tough headwind that last mile! But good to see so many TVFRs out there. Fun time.
2017-11-12 Madison Half Marathon Madison, Wisconsin 13.1M 1:44:58 8:00 352/2334 F 55-59 2/42 Holy, twists-and-turns, Batman! A fun Tour de Madison, with rolling hills (a few steep), but I never realized how much not running the tightest tangents can add. Garmin clocked 13.32 miles, which would have been an awesome age-group PR. Still close, and probably beats my un-certified and almost certainly short records on Frosty Half Marathon course. Placed 107/1452 women. There were 1,418 females and 916 males in this race! Oh, and my 10K measured Garmin PR (48:30).
2017-10-29 Dennis Police Halloween Hustle Dennis, MA 3.1M 24:06 7:46 50/485 F 50-59 3/59 Even my Wonder Woman costume couldn't help me with super powers here. Felt draggy, ran slowly, but had a fun time at the party at Chapin's afterward.
2017-09-24 Lone Gull 10K Rockport, MA 6.2M 49:28 7:59 395/977 F 50-59 USATF Grand Prix Race. Beautiful course, but slow this day... I'm blaming Indian summer and sudden heat :-).
2017-09-10 Eastham Windmill 5K Eastham, MA 3.1M 23:42 7:39 20 F50-59 2/7 A very low-key race. Scenic, friendly out-and-back from the library near the windmill/Town Common down to First Encounter Beach and back.
2017-08-12 Brewster Brew Run Brewster, MA 5.2M 42:07 8:06 301/1294 F 50-59 6/86 Can you say humid? This race begins at 4 p.m. and ends with free beer at the Woodshed bar, so it's really more of a huge fun run in blistering conditions than a race. Despite recovering from a strained quad, and always running at least 20-30 seconds/mile slower here than other races, I did OK. Cut 2 minutes off of last year's swelter fest.
2017-07-05 Cotuit Firecracker 5K Cotuit, MA 3.1M 24:06 7:46 39/162 F 50-59 4/22 I am not an evening runner, and this race started at 6:20 p.m. (was supposed to start at 6 p.m., after the kids race, but the kids got lost because no one was at the turnaround point for them. Police were sent). Anyway, despite feeling off my bio-rhythm, it was a decent jaunt down around the bay and back. Free beer and chowder afterward.
2017-07-02 Wellfleet 5 Mile Road Race Wellfleet, MA 5M 38:36 7:43 82/382 F 50-59 3/30 Humid and hilly! But still the best time I've had there in at least a long time. 'Been running the race since 1992, most years.
2017-06-24 Harwich 5K Harwich, MA 3.1M 23:39 7:38 50/526 F50-59 5/56 Squeaked out an age-group PR by 1 second. Very humid, rain/thunderstorms approaching, but at least not too hot. Didn't go out too fast - a rarity!
2017-06-11 Ocean to the Bay 5 Miler North Truro 5M 39:36 7:55 15/94 F50-59 1/8 Not a PR by a long shot, but good race overall on a hot, hilly course. What goes down must come up, and the last mile back to the lighthouse was all up hill. I was 4th woman overall, and first person over 50. Fun little race, cool prizes, and proceeds go for a good cause of preserving America's first lighthouse.
2017-05-21 YPD Blue - Run to Remember Yarmouth, MA 3.1M 23:40 7:38 36/308 F50-59 2/41 Flat seaside course. Perfect weather. Kick-off to Cape Cod summer! Interesting note: Although the first woman finisher was 17, the second, third (me) and fourth women were all in the 50-59 age group. Old hens rock!
2017-05-06 Brewster in Bloom - Bloom Run Brewster, MA 3.1M 24:01 7:45 15/141 F55-59 1/4 Raining, so the crowd was small. But a good time was had by all, with chili and beer at the Woodshed afterward.
2017-04-02 Road Race By the Sea Cohasset, MA 6.2M 48:43 7:51 159/898 F50-59 4/54 Gorgeous scenery, perfect running conditions and a challenging, rolling course. This was a last-minute substitution after our Frank Nealon Boston Tune-Up 15K got canceled due to weather the day before. Ended up making lemonade out of a lemon (from a racer's perspective. Still sad about all the effort that went into planning for the 15K).
2017-03-19 New Bedford Half Marathon New Bedford 13.1M 1:47:16 8:11 759/2293 F50-59 18/153 The good news was it didn't snow! But OMG that wind! If only this had been a 10K I would have had an age-group PR, 'cause that was with a tailwind;-). But last four miles smack into 20-40 mph wind off the water... Lordy! Tough competition too, but we did it!
2017-01-01 First Day 5K Whitinsville, MA 3.1M 23:52 7:42 76/298 F 50-59 6/20 Tough competition out here today! And a tough headwind on the final mile - Yikes, shiver me timbers! Great TVFR turnout.
2016-12-11 Frosty Half Marathon Raynham, MA 13.1M 1:44:36 7:59 73/419 F 50-59 1/38 Baby it was cold out there! A good TVFR turnout, despite the weather, and we all did pretty well. I still think it's a short course though (measured 13.03 on Garmin).
2016-11-24 Whitin Five Mile Road Race Whitinsville, MA 5M 38:11 7:38 110/523 F50-59 2/40 A solid run with lots of competitive women out there.
2016-11-20 Chatham in the Fall Chatham, MA 10K 49:09 7:55 36/169 F50-59 1/18 Inaugural fall version of a summer cult classic. We had wind. We had hills. We had a gathering with a free drink afterward at the Chatham Squire.
2016-10-29 Cape Cod Half Marathon Falmouth, MA 13.2M 1:46:12 8:03 210/1305 F 50-59 3/102 Hit my targets on practically every mile. Out and back course with a little headwind on return. Well run, but starts too darn early (7:30 a.m.).
2016-09-03 Orleans Police 5-0 5K Orleans, A 3.1M 23:08 7:28 F 50-59 1 Fun race! I suspect the course may be a bit short, unfortunately. Garmin measured barely 3 miles. Drat... there goes that age-group PR.
2016-08-13 Brew Run Brewster, MA 5.2M 44:04 8:28 F 50-59 7 A 4 p.m. run in the hot, muggy Cape heat. But free beer afterward and lots of fun!
2016-07-30 Dennis Road Race Dennis, MA 5M 39:54 7:59 F 50-59 4 Hot and humid.
2016-07-03 Wellfleet Road Race Wellfleet, MA 5M 39:12 7:50 F 50-59 2
2016-06-29 Harwich 5K Harwich, MA 5K 24:18 7:49 F 50-9 2
2016-04-02 Frank Nealon Boston Tune-Up Upton, MA 9.3M 1:17:11 8:18 F 50-59 7/35
2016-03-19 Marathon Park Prep Half-Marathon Ashland 13.1M 1:51:14 8:29 F 50-59 8 HILLY!!
2016-01-01 First Day 5K Whitinsville, MA 5K 24:10 7:47 F 50-59 5/19