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Tune-Up Practice Run - March 25th, 2017, 9:00 AM

This event is now closed for sign-up.

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Timestamp Name Status Pace Comment
 Mar 18, 8:49 pm   Mark Capparella   Yes   8:30  I'll bring my bicycle in case anyone is there that would rather bike than run the full course.
 Mar 19, 4:30 pm   Mike Nixon   Yes   9:00  Hoping to actually make it!
 Mar 20, 8:31 pm   Patrick McEnaney   Yes   8:30   
 Mar 24, 7:23 am   Jill Duhaime   Yes   10:15  Long run day so I'll be doing this and adding on
 Mar 24, 7:26 am   Mike Sawyer   Yes   7:30   
 Mar 24, 8:59 am   Matt Kellogg   Yes   8:30   
 Mar 24, 5:40 pm   Guest   Yes   9:15  Rebecca Pilla
 Mar 24, 7:02 pm   Philip Crocker   Yes   7:30  Going to be doing some pick ups here and there
 Mar 24, 7:51 pm   Henning Smith   Yes   9:00  Will join for part of the run.
 Mar 25, 6:54 am   Rose Lewis   Yes   10:15  Not sure of my pace