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Milford Santa Parade 2 Miler - Volunteer Sign-Up

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Meet at the Birch Street Fire House in Milford.  Registration volunteers please arrive by 2:00 pm; other volunteers (start line / course / finish line) by 2:30 pm.  Race starts at 3:50 pm; clean-up and volunteering done by 4:45 pm.  About 15 volunteers are needed.  Please contact Dan Davin with any questions.

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Timestamp Name Time Comment
Nov 3, 3:45 pm Laurie Turenne B/D/A  
Nov 3, 3:47 pm Sandra Caproni D/A I’ll be at the youth center during and after
Nov 3, 3:57 pm Amanda Connor B/A I'll be running as well
Nov 4, 3:14 pm Kerrie McFeeters B/D/A Would love to timing :)
Nov 5, 9:05 pm Thribuvan Parupalli B/D/A I will be there!
Nov 12, 6:14 pm Dale Fingar B/D/A I will be there and running as well 🎅
Nov 13, 8:29 am Amanda Ashley B/D/A I'd like to do timing too! But I can do anything needed
Nov 13, 8:53 am Mark Capparella B/A Planning on running, but not 100% sure.
Nov 13, 4:03 pm Donna Antkowiak B Would like to help out with registration plan to run, too
Nov 14, 10:35 am Sherri Boulet B/D/A Available to help out with anything!
Nov 15, 2:59 pm Joanna Lacman B/D/A  
Nov 15, 10:04 pm Gary Atlas B/A on-line & mail-in registration, finish line setup / take-down
Nov 24, 3:43 pm Anthony Landry B/A Preferably finish line
Nov 26, 5:41 pm Rob Liscombe B/A I will be running too
Nov 26, 5:59 pm Carolina Villarreal None SORRY, won’t be able to make it ;(
Nov 30, 8:21 pm Patrick McEnaney B/D/A I'll do whatever is needed to get done!