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TVFR Volunteer Sign-Up, Milford Special Olympics 5K, September 23, 2017

Milford High School, Volunteer Start Time: 7:45 am, Race Time: 9:00 am, Volunteer Finish Time: 10:20 am
Race Website

Volunteers are needed for the finish line crew (timing and results) only.  For questions, please contact Gary Atlas.

This event is now closed for sign-up.

Signed up:

Timestamp Name Status Comment
 Sep 5, 8:53 am   Gary Atlas   Yes  Volunteer lead for this event
 Sep 5, 9:10 am   Ross Anderson   Yes   
 Sep 5, 9:12 am   Henning Smith   Yes   
 Sep 5, 9:23 am   Mark Capparella   Yes   
 Sep 5, 9:43 am   Laurie Turenne   Yes   
 Sep 5, 9:48 am   Dawn Palladini   Yes   
 Sep 5, 1:18 pm   John McCue   Yes   
 Sep 6, 6:09 pm   Anthony Landry   Yes   
 Sep 9, 7:21 am   Terri Powell   No  Can volunteer during and after but probably wont be there until 9:30ish
 Sep 15, 2:39 pm   Donna Antkowiak   Yes   
 Sep 17, 5:38 pm   John Parker   Yes   
 Sep 18, 8:21 am   Caroline Staley   Yes  If you still need volunteers for this event, please let me know. Thank you!
 Sep 20, 8:35 am   Paul Shanahan   Yes